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Air Ambulance America has been arranging medical transprtation since 1983. We are highly experienced and professional. Our team of air ambulance transportation specialists arrange medical flights which are staffed by flight nurses and paramedics. For your safety, all chartered aircrafts are operated by FAA-licensed air carriers. The aircrafts are approved for medical flight operations, and include state-of-the-art medical and Support Equipment onboard. Air Ambulance America gives the highest level of attention and support to all patients, from Basic to Critical Care:

Including, but not limited to: Burn and wound patients, Traumatic brain injuries, Spinal cord injuries, Stroke, Cancer, Hospice, Nursing Home, Fragile Patients, Heart and Transplant Patients, Organ Transplants, among many others.

Medical Team Members are Trained in Flight Physiology. These include Registered Nurses- RN, Respiratory Therapists (RT) and Registered Flight Paramedics on board. We can arrange to have a Doctor on the flight upon request. Any need or request can be met by our expertly trained individuals.

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Air Ambulance America coordinates bedside-to-bedside transports to make your family or patient have the most seamless and smoothest trip possible. Let one of our flight coordinator experts help you to arrange a worry-free medical transport. Our staff has over 30 years of experience. We have gained the trust of hospitals worldwide and our support is available 24 hours a day.

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During any evacuation due to an earthquake or any situation needing disaster relief, patients need advanced air ambulance services not just limited to aeromedical, but critical care ground transportation as well. Our staff are people you can trust with years of experience and have been active in the air ambulance life flight industry since the year 1983. A ground medical transport crew and critical care med team can include paramedics and nurses who have medical flight training. Crews often consist of flight nurses and flight paramedics that are sometimes also respiratory therapists -- but not flight surgeons or certified air medical examiners that work medical transport crew. Air charter, air leasing or charter services do not always include ground ambulance service or ground transportation service. Medical care for transportation, sometimes covered by insurance, is inside an aircraft such as a lear jet or king air. Flights that are international ambulances by air, particularly to and from Mexico, use the terms evacuation and repatriation in reference to flights sometimes flown on air medical aircrafts. For years, both the ambulance and the medical team have been referred to as air med in the aeromedical industry.

We generally do not arrange helicopter service. Flight escort service usually refers to a critical care trained medical staff member usually with years of experience that accompanies a patient in a scheduled commercial aircraft. Aviation medicine specific to a trauma medevac has a specific protocol for a real travel emergency. All air medical transport services provide certain types of life support whether it is BLS or ACLS. Usually the protocol for a patient with an emergency while on a critical care air ambulance transport services is to land the aircraft and dial 911. Worldwide emergency air medical transportation is arranged with aircraft bases all over the world, although the vast majority of emergency air ambulances are by helicopter. In the air ambulance indistry, each base is sometimes referred to as a lifeport and each medflight can be eqipped with advanced aeromedical(usually referring to ACLS equipment onboard an air ambulance). Resources and references to air ambulance services include the handbook, which explains the nature of air medical flight missions. To request medical flights for any aviation services in directories, the following terms refer to medical ambulances that transport patients in the air: careflight, health, and charter services. We would like to give thanks and our patients are thankful for the opportunity given to have transplants by their organ donors which we believe is good Kharma. Organ donation truly saves lives.