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What different kinds of aircrafts are available ?

Here is a list of air ambulance aircrafts used to transfer patients: **

Short Range

Cabin class twin
180-250 MPH
Cessna 340,414: Aerostar
Usually used for 200-1000 mile distances

Medium Range

Turbo Prop Jet
250-330 MPH
King Air 90,200, MU2
Usually used for 200-2200 mile distances

Long Range

Jet Propelled Aircraft
400-500 MPH
Learjet 25,35,36,55;Westwind;Citation IV,V;Diamondjet
Usually used for 400-3500 mile distances

Long Range VIP

Jet Propelled Private Aircraft with VIP Setup and Interior
400-500 MPH
Gulfstream IV,V; Boeing 757; Boeing Business Jet
Usually used for 400-7700 mile distances

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