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Air Ambulance America is here is help you and your loved ones or patients what is the best form of medical transportation for the patient. 30+ years of experience and expertise is the level of service and knowledge that you will get to know when you call.
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Doing problem solving to transport loved ones who have medical issues can be a big challenge, especially if you’re in a foreign country or located in an area where ground transportation is simply not possible. Severe injuries and illnesses sometimes happen while people are vacationing abroad. Individuals in foreign countries with chronic health problems may decide it’s time to repatriate. Or sometimes, people with medical issues choose to move to a new medical facility that is too far away across the country to use land transportation. In any of these situations, if the patient must lie down en route to the new facility or requires medical care during transport, a commercial air ambulance could be the answer.

Commercial air ambulances are able to provide transfers or medical evacuation services in under an hour under some conditions depending on the availability of the crew and the patient’s location. Patients are transported under the watchful eye of critical care nurses and paramedics and sometimes even medical doctors and respiratory therapists. The commercial air ambulance functions as a flying intensive care unit that is able to provide patients with whatever they need en route from IV fluids to oxygen and ventilation.

Flight coordinators work with loved ones and the patient to make sure that all the details are handled expeditiously. They are able to communicate globally via phone, text, email, or fax to set up the medical evacuation or transfer at locations throughout the world at the time and date necessary for the patient. Solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of the patient and the medical situation involved. Flight coordinators work out all the other details with the patient’s insurance provider and necessary ground transfer details to get the patient to the new medical facility.

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