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Hurricane Relief

The evacuation process is a big part of hurricane relief. Often there are patients who are in fragile condition in hospitals who need to be taken out of an area before a hurricane hits. Because there are patients who can not fly scheduled commercial flights due to their condition, there are private air ambulance services that can help them evacuate. **

Patients who are simply fragile or old often relocate during hurricane season from the Southeast to the North or west to avoid hurricanes. In the event that power is affected or that there is a shortage of medical help in an area, all patients are likely to receive less attention and care.

In the Aftermath: Hurricane Relief

Police and emergency helicopter ambulances are most used and also most useful for help in the aftermath of a hurricane. The main necessity of hurricane relief immediately following a distaster is rescue missions. Choppers are able to manouver and land almost anywhere. In contrast, fixed wing air ambulances need a runway and thus are not as useful in hurricane relief efforts.

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