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Flight Medicine on Air Medical Flights

Specializing in Flight Physiology lets your flight nurse or escort give your patient or loved one expert care onboard your air ambulance flight. Meanwhile, our caring flight coordinators will:

flight doctor air ambulance Be Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you, your family, hospital and patient.

Attending Medical Physicians and Nurses do the Medical Briefing:
  • On most transfers, a registered flight nurse and/or paramedic will care for the patient on the flight.
  • If the patient is on a respirator or ventilator, a respiratory therapist will accompany the patient.
  • When a physician is needed, then a specialized doctor will accompany the patient. The Air Ambulance and the medical team will fly to the closest airport.
Medical Flight Teams Can Include:
  • Board Certified Flight Physicians
  • ACLS(Advanced Cardiac Life Support)
  • ICU/CCU Licensed Registered Nurses
  • Nationally Registered Flight Paramedics (EMT-P)
  • Certified Respiratory Therapists
  • Emergency Medical Technicians(EMT)
Medical Equipment:
  • Complete supply of respiratory equipment: Oxygen, Facial masks, Nasal Cannulas, Tracheotomy Mask, Esophageal Obturators, Respirator, Ambu-Bag.
  • Heart Monitor/Defibrillator
  • Suction
  • Emergency Drug Kit
  • IV Solutions and Infusion Sets
  • Infusion Pump Any Special Equipment the Patient Needs
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Air Ambulance Escort or Flight Nurse on Scheduled Commercial Aircraft:

We are sometimes able to save our clients up to 75% off the cost of a chartered air ambulance service, while still providing expert medical attention with a flight nurse on board a scheduled commercial flight. Some of the factors that determine whether a patient is acceptable for medical escort are; the diagnosis of the patient, the condition of the patient, and whether the patient is able to sit up for take off and landing.

One of our caring flight coordinators will be able to help you determine if this is the right service for your loved one or patient; as well as inform you of current guidelines for scheduled commercial air ambulance or medical escort transfer.

Caring Flight Escort Service:
  • If necessary, we obtain clearance from airline medical department
  • Arrange the proper flight certified doctors, nurses and/or paramedic escort.
  • Coordinate communication and medical briefing with sending/receiving doctors and hospitals
  • Arrange basic or advanced transport medical equipment (intravenous fluids, medications,Emergency Medical Kit etc.)
  • Arrange ground transportation or ambulances in both cities (and connecting destinations)
  • Coordinate with attending and receiving hospitals, families, nursing homes, or facilities

This can be a great option for international patients in need of a scheduled commercial air ambulance or medical escort; if the scheduled commercial airline is able to meet all the requirements and regulations of the FAA and/or requirements in their respective countries.

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