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Native American Air Ambulance

A great deal of special charter work providing Native American Air Ambulance service is due largely to the repatriation act. Besides these guidelines, however, there are a number of air medical transport needs that are specific to Native Americans.

There are reservations in remote locations around the United States and particularly in Alaska that do not have easy access to many medical facilities. Planes fly to pick up patients in remote locations and bring them to suitable hospitals in Alaska.

Airplanes sometimes are able to land on the ice in emergency situations in order to help those who need to get transported. Helicopters are best used for emergency situations if they are in range- which is generally within 300-400 miles.

We arrange Native American air ambulance service for patients and the diseased. ICU/CCU medical setup with a nurse and/or paramedic certified in flight physiology is on the flight.

Where Are Native American Air Ambulance Services Concentrated?

The air ambulance service for Native Americans takes place on reservations in Alaska. Locations in Arizona and New Mexico are also hot spots. Transports in Texas for Native American air ambulance service are also common.

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