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Can passengers travel with a patient?

Passenger and Patient Travel on an Air Ambulance

>Usually one or two passangers can accompany a patient on an air ambulance flight. If the patient is in critical care, then it is possible more room will be used for the patient. Extra medical personnel and equipment such as respirators and monitors are used in certain circumstances.

In the cases where there are two medical personnel special equipment, one passenger might be allowed to fit on the aircraft. This depends on the length of the flight and room on the plane.

In a routine air ambulance run, one, two or three passengers can fly onboard. Bigger aircrafts are available for familes that wish to have a few passengers onboard. Generally speaking , however, one or two passengers can fly.

**Please keep in mind that the amount of luggage has to be limited to two or three medium size bags. The medical equipment and stretcher onboard most air ambulance aircrafts use up a good portion of the space. If the aircraft operator is unable to fit your bags onboard, they can always be shipped.

Pets can sometimes be arranged to travel as well. Please call us in advance so we can help you arrange that.

On large executive VIP air ambulance flights, up to 12 or even 40 passengers can be onboard. Please call us for more information regarding VIP flights with multiple passengers.

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