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Travel Security

Travel security has increased dramatically in the past couple years. Often there are patients who find it difficult to travel because of the strains of going through security in airports. Travel in an airport can be hectic and uncomfortable for patients who are fragile. They may even find it difficult to walk through security areas. In a wheelchair, it can be straining to have to get up and walk and be searched. This can be eleviated by taking a private charter aircraft. There private charter servicing available for individuals who may be affected by scheduled commercial travel restraints. Also, there are airplanes equipped medically and suited especially for patients. These planes can also be used for non-emergency travel and for fragile or elderly travellers. These private aircrafts have stretchers for patients to lie down comfortably during flight.

Travel security as a measure for private flights

There are a number of procedures that private charter, even air ambulance services must go through for travel security. Travellers are screened in customs for international flights. For domestic flights, there are procedures as well to log the flight traffic and keep information logged about patients. This is done preflight as well as after flights to adhere to travel security measures.

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